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France fires womens soccer coach Corinne Diacr4 monthbeforWl


France fires womens soccer coach Corinne Diacre 4 months before World Cup

Corinne Diacre, who was fired Thursday, became Frances head coach in 2017. Photo by Peter Powell/EPA-EFE

March 9 (UPI) --France fired Corinne Diacre just four months before the 2023 World Cup, citing a significant divide between the womens soccer coach and players, the French Football Federation announced Thursday.

Diacre, a former national team player, was hired as France coach in 2017. She served as an assistant from 2007 through 2013. The France Football Federation said itheld numerous hearingswith a commission to investigate the positions of several players who came forward with criticisms about the coach.Advertisement

French captain Wendie Renard announced in February that she would skip the World Cup. Shesaid on Instagramthat she could no longer condone the current system.

The numerous hearings carried out made it possible to establish the observation of a very significant divide with executive players and highlighted a discrepancy with the requirements of the very high level, the federation said.

This fracture has reached a point of no return which harms the interests of the selection.

Forwards Kadidiatou Diani and Marie-Antoinette Katoto alsoannounced last monththat they would put their international careers on hold, citingcriticisms of nationalteam management.

The 2023 FIFA Womens World Cup will be held from July 20 to Aug. 20 in Australia and New Zealand. France is the No. 5 team in the world, behind the United States, Germany, Sweden and England.Advertisement

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